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Home Loan: 自住房贷款

We make the process of financing your home as simple and stress free as possible. We start by providing you with research and data about the property. Then with a good understanding of your short term financial goals and long term objectives, our adviser will help you to evaluate the products and features that compliment your individual circumstances.

Home loan features vary between products and lenders, so it is important to understand your unique requirements. This is where we can help.

您正在想买套房子自己住吗?我们可以尽可能的帮您把这个过程变得简单,低风险。 我们从为您调查并提供您中意房产的相关数据开始,一步一步的去了解您短期财务目标跟长期生活规划,我们的顾问将帮您了解不同产品特性对您跟家人的生活影响,确保您选择的产品符合您的需求。

Investment loan: 投资贷款

Bricks and mortar remains a sound investment in Australia but for anyone considering property investment, it is highly recommended they consult an expert.Tax deductions available for depreciation and interest only loans are benefits of such investment, however, associated fees for purchasing, selling, maintaining and insuring can be vast and need to be taken into account.Our advisers are best situated to help guide you through process of investing in property. We can help you research the property market and are able to help align your unique needs with a suitable product.


Development Loan: 房产开发贷款

Are you seeking finance to get real estate business loans? As a real estate developer or investor, the ability to move forward on a new project is often times tied directly to your ability to secure financing. No matter if you are interested in developing land, building a strip mall, constructing an office building, or working on another type of commercial project, funding the project with cash is not usually possible. We are ready to assist you for both housing development loans and commercial house development loans. Our team provide ranges of lenders and products, with the professional advices from our specialists, you will be satisfied.


Debt Consolidation: 债务重组

Are you or your family suffering in debt? If so, you can get on top of your debts and have better financial situation.

Debt consolidation involves taking out a new loan to pay off a number of other debts. The new loan may result in a lower interest and/or lower monthly payment. We are here to help you to take a good look at your current financial situation, select and apply the loan that suit your needs, and get more out of your loan.



Construction Loan: 建筑贷款

Our Construction home loan is flexible, with funds only being drawn down as your builder completes various stages of your home. Money is paid progressively at key points, e.g. initial flooring, putting up the framework, house lock-up stage and then on completion.

This progressive draw down means you only pay interest on the money you’re using for any particular stage. This lets you add to the value of your home as you build, and increase the equity you have available to finance the next stages.


Commercial Loan: 商业贷款

We can help you secure funds to enable your operation to expand, invest or simply cover unexpected costs. With an extensive understanding of the flexible facilities available to businesses, we can ensure that you have access to the finance that suits your goals and objectives. The support provided by our advisers ensures that the finance process is as swift, simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on your day to day business processes.


Overseas Investment loan: 海外投资贷款

Are you in overseas but you are thinking to borrow funds in Australia dollars to purchase an Australian Investment property. We can help you either you are an Australian Resident just work overseas or you are a non-resident. An Australian permanent visa holder can borrow up to 90% of the value of the property, and foreign investors can borrow up to 80%.

您是否身在海外想要在通过在澳洲贷款来投资澳洲房产?无论您是澳洲居民在海外工作, 或者您是海外投资者,我们均能为您提供贷款解决方案,澳洲公民或是澳洲永久居民签证持有者可以最高贷到房产价值的90%,而海外人士则可以最高贷到房产价值的80%。

SMSF property Loan: 个人管理养老基金房产投资

We can assist you in purchasing your next investment using your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Extensive knowledge and experience enables our advisers to structure suitable solutions to contribute toward your overall wealth creation strategy. The support provided by our team simplifies the process of structuring loans through a SMSF, educating you in regards to the options available on the market and assisting you in selecting the product suited to your requirements from an extensive panel of lenders. We provide you with access to our network of professionals, drawing together the parties required to complete an investment transaction. This ensures that you benefit from the expertise of a range of specialists while maintaining end-to-end management of your investment by our local adviser.

在我们的帮助下您可以使用个人管理养老基金购买您的下一套投资房产; 凭借我们经验丰富,可以为您在财富积累过程中的提供适合您的投资计划。我们的服务包括在您的自营养老金下申请贷款,提供多种不同银行、借款机构的产品以供选择,并且为您详细的分析各种产品的利弊。我们也会帮您提供其它专业服务,确保在您投资的每一个环节都有相关专业人士把关。

Refinance: 再融资

Are you looking to?

  • Access the equity within your home loan?
  • Consolidate your debts?
  • Reduce monthly repayments?
  • Upgrade your loan?
  • Leverage lower interest rates?
  • Borrow additional funds?

Are you are considering renovating your home, investing in property, gaining access to upgraded features and flexibility or consolidating your loans to lower your interest? If so, then we can help you evaluate the options existing within the market to make sure that you are getting the deal most closely suited to your needs.

We will research and assess the products within the market that compliment your circumstances. From an extensive panel of lenders, we’ll identify those offering the features, flexibility and options suitable to your short and long term financial goals.


  • 将房产中的净值套现
  • 重组贷款
  • 减少每月还款
  • 升级贷款
  • 获得更低的利率
  • 需要更多的资金